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ISO 10015: an initiative within the ISO 9000 family

The crucial question is, "What quality system could best support a company or government organization in improving its efficiency and effectiveness of training." The answer is ISO 10015, a sector specific quality management system for training.
The new ISO quality standard offers the most succinct quality criteria of training so far and is available for use by private and public organisations interested in ensuring high quality standards and high return on training investment.

Quality Management in training , generic or sector specific?

Saner, R. "Quality Management in training , generic or sector specific?". (in German, French, Spanish), ISO Management Systems. Vol 2(4), 2002.

Market value of training

Rapid technological change, continuous product improvement and relentless competition require companies to continuously nurture its human capital by upgrading the competence levels of their people.

Assuring quality of training

When investing in people, what matters are the results: acquisition of skills and knowledge and improved company performance and productivity - not simple output figures such as the number of employees trained, or the dollar figure invested. A company needs a training management system to ensure the Return on Investment (ROI) in Training and Education. A company needs a system which guarantees that the investment made in people is congruent with its business strategy and directly supports the organisation's performance.
Experts know the difficulties of determining ROI in the field of training and education. Without proper process management tools, it would be almost impossible.